The New Resistance is a play2earn crypto video game series, NFT collection and cryptocurrency.

Already attracting massive attention from crypto investors, GameFi enthusiasts, NFT collectors and gamers alike. TNR is gearing up to become the premium ecosystem in the booming crypto gaming & NFT space.

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TNR 2.0 Launches Soon
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What is the Mekas of Krupt?

Mekas of Krupt is the first limited edition NFT series (aka a genesis collection) from The New Resistance.

How do I get on the NFT whitelist?

The whitelist is closed.

When can I mint an NFT?

January 29th 2022

What is the mint price?

0.2 Ethereum + gas fees per NFT minted.

Which blockchain are the NFTs on?


How do I purchase a TNR NFT

Open Google Chrome or your browser of choice and visit our website. Use your preferred browser wallet like MetaMask and click the mint function at the top of the website. Be sure you have 0.2 Ethereum as well as a little extra for gas fees. After you mint your your NFT it can take a little time before they show up on your account at Here’s a great video on how to buy your first NFT:

Where does my NFT go after mint?

Your NFT will appear in the connected wallet you used to purchase the NFT. You can view your collection Opensea 

NFT Tokenomics

We have reserved 40 NFTs to give away in competitions and for holder air drops. Most of these will be given out after launch and will not occupy the early token ids.